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Our goal is to promote optimal recovery, repair tissue damage, improve health, wellness, function, and improve the quality of life for our patients and clients.

Doctor Chaux is a highly qualified Doctor of Physical Therapy with international experience and multiple international methods and techniques to provide a custom treatment plan to meet her Client’s needs.

Dr. Alexandra Chaux

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Chaux Physical Therapy Specialties
Highly qualified Physical Therapist with international experience

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Why Choose Chaux Physical Therapy?

Chaux Physical Therapy offers exceptional personal care and service:

Needs, Goals and Expectations

Doctor Chaux believes every patient is unique and requires a customized treatment according to their needs, goals and expectations.


One-on-One Therapy

The patient will receive one-on-one therapy for the entire session, with an emphasis on the expert manual therapy approach. Physical Therapy is conducted in a private room to deliver focused treatments that promote personal well-being and relaxation.


A Holistic Approach

Dr. Alexandra Chaux offers a holistic approach by assessing how the patient’s body moves, looking for the root of the dysfunction, rather than focusing only on a specific area of pain or lack of mobility.

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Chaux Physical Therapy Testimonials
What People Are Saying About Us!


Dear Dr. Alex,

I just wanted to express my gratitude to you for taking good care of me. You have my sincere thanks for all the treatments I received to increase my level of mobility.
Gracias una vez más por hacer mi terapia fisica mas facil y divertida!

Sinceramente, R

Five Star


Dear Doctor Alex,

You are the better than ibuprofen or Tylenol, My left knee pain is almost gone. I have been able to go downstairs with less discomfort, Thank you so much for your help.


Five Star


Doctora Alexandra,

One of the pleasant memories of Pat’s Mother stay at WCMH was your visits/caring with your duties of physical therapy.
She as insisting on writing you a note which I have Enclosed. (Her Note: So Kind of you to remember my 100 birthday)
Thank you so much for remembering her and the caring you gave her in the hospital.

Sincerely, P and J

Five Star

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