Our Approach

Chaux Physical Therapy offers an integrative and holistic approach to Health, Fitness and Well Being. They address the whole person including body, mind, spirit, feelings, and emotions to have a successful outcome. 

Dr. Alexandra Chaux uses conventional and alternative therapies to prevent injury, restore movement, promote optimal health, happiness, and well being.

Chaux Physical Therapy utilizes holistic techniques such as therapeutic yoga, stress management techniques, proper sleep habits, and relaxation strategies.

The primary modality Doctor Alexandra uses is Manual Therapy, customized according to the patient’s needs, individualized home exercise programs, and lifestyle modifications.

Chaux Physical Therapy Approach
Why Choose Chaux Physical Therapy

Why Choose us?

You are very important to us that is why: 

  • We listen to your concerns and worries.
  • We find the root of the problem and design an individualized program according to your needs and expectations.
  • We relieve your pain in fewer visits so you can return to your normal activities faster.
  • We care for your needs that is why we create a perfect treatment plan to address your issues.
  • We provide long term results to develop better health and fitness habits.

Your Health and Wellbeing are our main goals. That is why we retrain your body and mind to get stronger, more flexible, healthier, and happier.