Our Approach

Chaux Physical Therapy utilizes three main approaches to achieve patients goals and needs. 

Hands-on Approach

Manual therapy techniques create new paths for the brain and whole body to move effortlessly, with less restrictions, and with more freedom.

Personalized Approach

Start with listening with compassion to the patient’s concern and assess the whole-body movements to create a customized plan of care according to the patient’s needs.

One-one-One Approach

One Physical Therapist-One Patient-One Hour-One Goal! Your health and wellbeing.

Chaux Physical Therapy Approach

Why Choose Chaux Physical Therapy

How are we Different and Unique?

Traditional Care Chaux Physical Therapy
The physical therapist sees four patients per hour. The physical therapist sees only one patient per hour.
Health insurance decides how many visits per year. Visits are determined by the patient’ progress and goals.
Follow insurance regulations. Follow the patient’s needs and goals.
Long waitlist to see in-network therapist An appointment can be scheduled the same, day or the same week
A diagnosis is needed to be covered by the insurance No need for diagnosis.