Why we are Unique and Different from other Physical Therapy Clinics

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Chaux Physical Therapy helps you accelerate the recovery time, move effortlessly, control pain more effectively and allows you to perform the activities you love the most in a shorter time.

Why are we different and unique?

The reason to be different is quality, value and being out-of-network. Yes, We offer quality of service and value our patient needs, goals, and expectations.

Difference between In-Network Vs Out-Of-Network

In-Network Out-of-Network
The physical therapist sees four patients per hour. The physical therapist sees only one patient per hour.
Health insurance decides how many visits per year. Visits are determined by the patient’ progress and goals.
Limited number of visits per year. It Depends on the patient’s needs.
Follow insurance regulations. Follow the patient’s needs and goals.
Co-pay every visit. One time payment for each visit.
Still have to pay extra to reach the deductible. The cost of each visit is a flat rate.
Long waitlist to see in-network therapist An appointment can be scheduled the same, day or the same week.
A diagnosis is needed to be covered by the insurance No need for diagnosis.
Note: Chaux Physical Therapy offers a complimentary superbill. Your health insurance will reimburse you directly as soon as you meet your deductibles. Check with your insurance for “out-of-network benefits” You will be reimbursed partially or fully for the physical therapy services provided. 

What makes Chaux Physical Therapy different?

» We listen

We are concerned about you and ask you for the reason for calling, not for the type of insurance you have.

» We value your time

We value your health and want to do our best for you to get better. We are here for you the entire hour, answering any questions or doubts, helping you understand the root of the problem, and giving you the tools to heal and recover.

» We offer an optimal Healing environment

Chaux physical therapy offers a warm, soothing, clean, uncluttered, and healing environment. Doctor Chaux  always offers options to their patients, including adjusting room temperature, adjusting lighting, and selecting a place to sit comfortably before each session.

» We are in a quiet and peaceful location

Chaux physical therapy is located on a second floor, in a corner room with big windows, beautiful blue skies and trees. Plenty of parking, handicapped accessible and only 20 steps from the elevator or stairs.

» We keep our patients safe

Chaux physical therapy uses eco-friendly pillow cases instead of cloth pillowcases, disposable bed sheets, disposable face cradle cover, and disposable gowns to keep patients safe and prevent cross-contamination.

» We protect our planet

Natural sunlight illuminates the office by conserving energy waste. You will see beautiful life plants to purify the air and improve the air qualtiy.

» We conserve energy

We don’t use electrical stimulation, or ultrasounds, or heating pads machines or refrigerators for ice packs, only Doctor Chaux skillful techniques and knowledge for a faster recovery.

» We care about your health and safety

Chaux physical therapy was designed with something in mind, easy to clean for a healthier environment. That means nothing has fabric materials. Everything from chairs to tables can be cleaned using the Hospital-grade cleaning supplies. The treatment bed, chairs, and therapy equipment are wiped down after each use. Doors handles, light switches, restroom keys are cleaned before and after patient visits. The floor is steamed daily at the end of the day with a steam mop.

» Your privacy is very important to us

The physical therapy session is offered in a private room with a small private gym with only Doctor Chaux treating the patient the whole session.

» We think in your health and well-being

Patients are always seen by appointment only. We don’t share the rehab room with other patients or other therapists, or aides. We avoid overcrowding or waiting patients in a waiting room.

What is the difference between Chaux Physical Therapy and Standard Health Care Facility?

Chaux Physical Therapy Standard Health Care Facility
Patient to therapist ratio: 1:1 4:1
One-one-One time with the therapist 45-60 minutes 15 minutes
How many patients in a room treatment? Only one in a private room Multiple patients
Is the patient treated by the same therapist for the whole hour? Yes, the patient is treated by a Doctor of Physical Therapist the whole session The patient is handed off to aides or personal trainers after spending 15 minutes with the physical therapist.
Does the patient have to rest on heat or ice packs during the session? No, Chaux Physical Therapists use her skillful techniques instead of modalities. Yes, Usually the patient has to rest on heat for 10 minutes before seeing the therapist, and ice packs at the end of the sesion.
Does the patient have to repeat the same exercises each visit? No, Chaux physical therapist always address the patient needs of that visit day with more emphasis on skillful manual therapy techniques Yes, the patient has to repeat the same routine of exercises for weeks.
Is the physical therapist always accountable for questions, or doubts? Yes, the physical therapist is always with the patient for the whole session ready to answer any question, or make modifications according to patient’s needs No, the physical therapist is only available for 15 minutes before she/he moves to the next patient. The rest of the session is monitored by an aide.
Are you ready to have the best quality of service that you deserve? Call today 805-203-9940 and make an appointment with  Doctor Chaux. She will offer you the best quality care, will help you recover and live the life you deserve.