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Are you looking for premium-quality physical therapy services in Oak Park, CA? To provide exclusive Physical Therapy Oak Park, CA, Chaux Physical Therapy is a privately-owned clinic founded by Dr. Alexandra Chaux, offering professional and customized therapy programs for each patient.

Dr. Alexandra Chaux, a highly qualified and expert physical therapist, boasts over two decades of experience. Chaux Clinic provides a broad spectrum of physical therapy treatments to repair tissue damage, speed up recovery, and improve every patient's quality of life. According to the patient's needs, her extensive experience allows her to offer multiple techniques and custom treatment plans.

Besides her physical therapy education, she is also a certified yoga instructor, a Kinesiology Taping Practitioner. She holds certifications in Functional Visceral Mobilization and Cortical Field Re-education Level 1. Chaux is also certified in the Abdominal Hypopressive Levels 1 and 2, allowing her to help both men and women strengthen their core and overall health.

Dr. Chaux offers virtual visits and phone consultations. Get in touch today to schedule a discovery call by submitting simple information about the site and nature of pain or book an appointment.

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Oak Park Physical Therapy Expert Dr. Alexandra Chaux

Full-Service Physical Therapy Techniques

Chaux Physical Therapy aims to promote health and wellness by offering a wide range of physical therapy services and techniques to people of all ages. Whether you are recovering from an injury or looking for a permanent pain management solution, Dr. Alexandra Chaux offers these techniques to address your needs.

Terapia Manual

Chaux PT ranks among the top physical therapy facilities in Oak Park, CA. We provide expert services in manual physical therapy techniques that restore body movements and repair tissue damages.

Manual therapy includes physical exercises that patients can do without using any device. Our expert team provides customized treatment plans for repairing muscle tissue and improving joint function.

Our physical therapy fitness aims to guarantee quick tissue repair and pain relief. These advanced techniques can speed up wound healing for a speedy recovery.

Manual Therapy Physical Therapy Oak Park, CA
Therapeutic Exercise Physical Therapy Oak Park, CA

Ejercicio Terapéutico.

Dr. Chaux and her team offer therapeutic exercises to help patients in Oak Park, CA, develop endurance and strength for a pain-free life. We recommend the best practices according to your physical conditions. Some of these exercises include neuromuscular activities, agility training, and soft tissue stretching.

Reeducacion Neuromuscular

We provide neuromuscular re-education methods at Physical Therapy Oak Park, CA, for improving muscle, nerve, and brain coordination. All these techniques strengthen the movement and flexibility of your body. Our neuromuscular system produces movements in the body and allows nerves to send impulses to the brain and muscles for controlling the direction, sped, and frequency of motions.

If you have issues maintaining the right balance, we offer a mix of neuromuscular re-education techniques for returning muscles and rewiring the brain for better movement.

Here is a brief overview of the broad range of physical therapy services and techniques we provide. Contact us today to learn more about these helpful therapies and treatments.

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Neuromuscular Re-Education Physical Therapy Oak Park, CA

Dr. Chaux's Physical Therapy Services in Oak Park, CA:

» Breast Cancer Therapy Oak Park, CA

Physical Therapy can help patients both before and after surgery by educating patients on addressing the side effects of radiotherapy, chemo, and cancer medication. Our treatment plans can improve circulation, speed up the incision site's healing process, and reduce scar formation and inflammation. Dr. Chaux helps cancer patients restore flexibility and heal the pain to return to their everyday life.

» Physical Therapy Oak Park, CA for Post-partum Recovery

We offer conservative treatments for regressing symptoms and improving the quality of life after childbirth. Physical Therapy allows women to manage functional and physical impairments related to post-partum Recovery Physical Therapy, such as lower back pain, incontinence, organ prolapse, etc.

Doctor Alexandra recommends the best techniques and pelvic floor exercises to recover the core so you can perform your responsibilities without straining your muscles. Chaux received first-hand training from Doctor Marcel Caufriez, the creator of the Hypopressive Method. His method is now an effective technique to treat abdominal diastasis and strengthening pelvic floor muscles.

» Physical Therapist Oak Park, CA for Balance and Fall Prevention

Balance is our body's ability to respond quickly and maintain an upright posture while walking on uneven surfaces. Our body's vestibular system controls balance. This system includes the visual and proprioceptive systems and the auditory system, which maintain postural awareness and balance. When any one of these systems malfunctions, they result in balance disturbance. Falls are common in older adults because they find it harder to maintain balance.

Chaux Clinic offers a combination of exercises, including strengthening exercises and gait training, so you or your elderly parents/grandparents can reduce your chances of acquiring injuries after a fall.

» Physical Therapy Oak Park, CA for Post Abdominal Surgery

Chaux Clinic offers inclusive physical therapy services for reducing complications and issues post abdominal surgery physical therapy. Our expert team of therapists employs effective techniques such as visceral mobilization, trigger point release, and other proven treatment plans for relieving your symptoms. Common complications after an abdominal surgery include abdominal scar tightness and challenges of maintaining an upright posture.

Physical Therapy is a practical approach for improving posture-related complications after abdominal surgeries. We also provide treatment plans for women who need to relieve these symptoms after a c-section surgery. Get in touch with us to know more about how we can treat abdominal surgeries.

» Assisted Stretching Oak Park, CA

Global Body Stretching or Assisted stretching Physical Therapy releases the tension generated in the body because of daily activities. If you work in front of a computer screen for too long, use smartphones while sitting in a poor position, or drive for long hours, your body muscles become stiff.

Prolonged muscle tension leads to chronic pain and predisposes the body to injuries. Tensed and stiff muscles also lead to walking, pain and numbness in hands, and neck and back pain.

Our treatment plans address the fascia system, which connects the whole body from head to toe, and surrounds all-important systems, including the nervous and musculoskeletal systems. Since the fascia system gives stability, support, and shape to each structure in the body, our customized physical therapy treatment plans can relieve the tension in your muscles and prevent further damage.

» Yoga Therapy Oak Park, CA

Being a trained yoga practitioner, Doctor Alexandra Chaux teaches patients to listen to their bodies and identify pain and discomfort signs. We provide home yoga programs with required modifications to address your unique pain issues through personalized yoga lessons.

Yoga Terapéutica restores your body's function and movement and plays a crucial role in balancing the autonomic nervous system for relaxing the mind and the body.

» Pain Management Oak Park, CA

When you are looking for a safe alternative to manage pain or reduce your dependence on medication, physical therapy is the best solution. With a mix of education, manual therapy, therapeutic exercises, and breathing techniques, we can help you develop better fitness habits for leading a healthier lifestyle.

» Hypopressive Oak Park, CA

This innovative technique of mind-body connection strives to heal the core and pelvic floor. Hypopressive Physical Therapy changes the way the body feels, particularly your pelvic floor and abdominal area. The breathing technique is a complex segment to Hypopressive training and needs the guidance of a qualified Low-Pressure Fitness-Hypopressive professional. Dr. Alexnadra Chaux is the leading expert of Hypopressive Oak Park, CA. Get in touch with us to find out more about this revolutionary pain-healing technique.

» Post-COVID Recovery Oak Park, CA

Recovering from the Coronavirus is often a long and tedious journey. Mobility restrictions, extreme tiredness, and shortness of breath can result in lack of energy, headache, and joint stiffness. With her broad experience as a respiratory therapist and an expert physical therapist, Chaux focuses on strengthening the lungs first. This is the most crucial approach to treating patients recovering from Covid-19.

Our programs improve the lungs' health and focus on other troubled areas of the body to improve your quality of life.

» Physical Therapy for Seniors Oak Park, CA

Aging is a normal process that involves cognitive and physical changes, affecting the way seniors move around and sit. Since healing is different for seniors, we offer the appropriate techniques and exercises for older patients. If old age is preventing you or your loved ones from living life to the fullest, we can provide customized physical therapy services for treating a wide range of medical conditions such as:

  • » Arthritis
  • » Osteoporosis
  • » Post-surgery pain
  • » Balance Issues
  • » Joint Replacements

Return to your Life Goals with Experienced and Knowledgeable Physical Therapist Oak Park, CA

Physical therapy encompasses assessing and treating musculoskeletal malfunctions caused by aging, diseases, injuries, or degenerative conditions if you are looking for expert and professional physical therapy treatment plans.

We are a privately-owned clinic dedicated to offering the best and latest physical therapy solutions in Oak Park, CA. Dr. Alexandra Chaux treats patients to restore their movement and flexibility to be less susceptible to injuries, accidents, and balance issues.

Dial (805)-203-9940 today and get in touch with us to schedule a comprehensive initial assessment. We will be happy to address your physio needs so you can bring your life back on track.

Physical Therapy FAQ's

» Is a physical therapist licensed professional?

All physical therapists at Oak Park, CA, are trained professionals and specialize in therapy techniques and programs for musculoskeletal injuries and post-operative rehabilitation.

» How long may a visit take?

The expected time is 40 to 60 minutes, whereas your visit depends upon your care plan.

» How can you make an appointment?

Call on our physical therapy facility to make an appointment. Bring your insurance card and prescription.

Are you looking forward to the best physical therapy near me in Oak Park, CA?

Chaux Physical Therapy Oak Park, CA is a renowned treatment center to offers exceptional services. We provide therapies according to our patient's goals and needs. Using a holistic approach, we devise a care plan that can enhance life quality and prevent further injuries and accidents.

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