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Physical therapy (PT) entails evaluating and treating musculoskeletal malfunctions caused by injuries, disease, surgery, age, or degenerative conditions like Parkinson's disease. The ultimate goal is to restore and maintain mobility.

At Chaux Physical Therapy, you meet professionals dedicated to your overall wellbeing. We are a privately-owned clinic established by a well-reputed physical therapist in Ventura, CA - Dr. Alexandra Chaux.

Dr. Alexandra's experience and knowledge, combined with state-of-art equipment, guarantees you the perfect environment for restoring movement, preventing injury, and promoting mental health.

We take you through a comprehensive initial assessment to create a custom rehabilitation plan that addresses your physio needs effectively.

Ventura Physical Therapy Expert Dr. Alexandra Chaux

Want to book an appointment with Dr. Chaux now? Call us at (805) 203-9940 or contact us online. You can keep reading to learn more about physical therapy services in Ventura, CA.

Full-Service Physical Therapy Techniques

Terapia Manual

Relieve pain and inflammation without painkillers and restore full range of motion with Dr. Chaux’s manual therapy techniques.

At Chaux Physical Therapy, we tailor our manual techniques to the three stages of healing: inflammation, repair, and remodeling. These approaches help:

  • » Decrease the chances of scar tissue development
  • » Improve nutrient and oxygen supply to the scar area
  • » Quicken wound healing

Trust a team that is well equipped to treat pain and its source. You get peace of mind you so much desire now and enjoy life as you should.

Manual Therapy Physical Therapy Ventura, CA
Therapeutic Exercise Physical Therapy Ventura, CA

Ejercicio Terapéutico.

Do you want to restore and maintain your stability, balance, and strength for a pain-free, fully functioning state?

Chaux PT's therapeutic exercises help improve movement, flexibility, strength and restore function.

What's more, our therapeutic exercises are specific to different physical conditions and healing stages. For example, gentle, pain-free exercises help improve motion during the inflammation stage, while isometric exercises enhance stability during the proliferative phase.

Call for physical therapy services in Ventura, CA now at 805-203-9940 to enjoy your favorite physical activities without a tinge of pain or stiffness.

Reeducacion Neuromuscular

Are you struggling with gait and balance issues and unexplained falls? Dr. Alexandra can leverage a range of neuromuscular Re-Education techniques to rewire your brain and retrain your muscles to restore and improve your standard body movement patterns.

If you are wondering about the neuromuscular system, it is responsible for producing movements in the right direction. Nerves send messages to the brain to control the location, time, and speed of muscle movement. At Chaux PT, we maneuver this system's components to help you regain your balance.

 Neuromuscular Re-Education Physical Therapy Ventura, CA

Dr. Chaux's Physical Therapy Services in Ventura, CA

A trusted and certified physical therapist in Ventura, CA, Dr. Alexandra offers the following PT services:

» Physical Therapy Ventura CA for Postpartum Recovery

Having a baby is incredible. But this event sets the stage for significant physical and hormonal changes. As a result, new moms may experience muscle imbalances, lower back pain, altered spinal movement and function, and other musculoskeletal issues.

Dr. Chaux has extensive experience slowing down symptoms progression after childbirth and helping new mothers lead a quality life. Our postpartum PT services also include the hypopressive exercise designed to help new moms prevent and recover from prolapse and urinary incontinence. What's more, we teach you how to do daily chores with the correct posture for a successful postpartum recovery plan.

» Breast Cancer Therapy in Ventura, CA

Conventional cancer treatments often cause mood changes, joint stiffness, body weakness, poor balance, pain, and hand & feet numbness. That is why the American Cancer Society highly recommends physical activities for patients undergoing breast cancer treatment.

Dr. Alexandra brings extensive experience and knowledge to help breast cancer patients with their pre-surgery and post-surgery concerns. Whether you need help with the side effects of chemotherapy and radiotherapy or recovering from surgery, rest assured that Chaux PT has the help you need.

Also offered at our PT office are breathing and manual exercises to help reduce anxiety, stress, and depression commonly associated with cancer treatments. Our ultimate goal for the holistic approach to these issues is to help you face life confidently and optimistically. Contact us today for holistic management of breast cancer-related side effects.

» Physical Therapy for Post Abdominal Surgery in Ventura, CA

Relieve post-abdominal surgery pain and posture issues with the help of a top-rated physical therapist in Ventura, CA.

Chaux PT also helps with post-cesarean section symptoms. Statistics show that 18% of the 1.4 million cesarean sections performed annually in the US result in chronic scar pain, lower back pain, abdominal pain, painful bowel movements, and premenstrual pain. Our tested and proven techniques to relieve these symptoms include:

  • » Trigger point release
  • » Visceral mobilization
  • » Myofascial release

» Assisted Stretching in Ventura, CA

Release body tension and regain flexibility with our assisted stretching techniques.

Everyday activities exert pressure on your muscles. The outcome of excessive muscle tension is body stiffness, hand numbness, post-workout pain, tingling effects on hands, posture and balance issues, and other problems that may significantly impact the quality of your life. We can help relax your body to keep these issues at bay.

Note that assisted stretching is often localized- it can target one muscle. But we also offer global postural stretching, which targets the whole body to restore muscle balance, flexibility, and tone.

» Physical Therapy for Pain Management in Ventura, CA

Over 40 million adults (in the US) struggle with chronic pain, but most opt for pain killers instead of addressing the underlying issues. Painkillers only block pain messages in your spinal cord and brain. They do not solve the actual cause of the pain. What's more, they are common culprits for drug dependency, depression, and anxiety.

You can do without opioids for manejo del dolor. Get in touch with Chaux PT today for manual therapy, breathing exercises, therapeutic exercises, and education that will help you get rid of pain without pain medication.

» Physical Therapy in Ventura, CA for Balance and Fall Injuries

Do you experience imbalance? A compromise to the auditory, proprioceptive, or visual system could be the source of the problem. When it comes to falls, common culprits include cognitive impairments, unsteady gait, visual impairments, aging, urinary incontinence, and a sedentary lifestyle.

Whether you are struggling with imbalance or falls, rest assured you are in safe hands when you trust Chaux PT with your recovery. We also walk the extra mile to collaborate with your physician to develop a custom plan that will address your issue holistically.

» Yoga Therapy in Ventura, CA

Our commitment to life quality also manifests in the self-care maintenance and prevention programs that constitute our yoga therapy service. Yoga not only addresses physical health and helps treat anxiety and depression.

At Chaux PT, we customize our yoga programs to your unique needs. You learn how to break bad postural habits and listen and relax your body for maximum physical, mental, and emotional wellbeing.

Return to your Life Goals with the Experienced and Knowledgeable Physical Therapist in Ventura, CA

At Chaux PT, our commitment to our client's health and wellbeing is evident in the high quality of our therapies and customer service. A lengthy list of happy customers can attest to our dedication to their emotional, physical, and spiritual recovery.

Chaux PT's ultimate goal is to help you achieve optimal wellbeing that will propel you to achieve your life goals. Call us today at 805-203-9940 for immediate assistance with your physical therapy needs in Ventura, CA.

FAQ: Physical Therapy

» What is a Physical Therapist?

Physical therapists are professionals certified and licensed to specialize in therapy programs for musculoskeletal disorders and injuries, post-surgery recovery, and sports injuries.

» What Should I Expect in My First PT Visit?

During your first visit, Dr. Chaux will perform a comprehensive evaluation lasting about an hour. The assessment includes discussing your medical history, current problems, and your physical therapy goals.

Also, expect muscle tests, postural assessment, neurological screening, and other tests to gain a specific insight into your condition. Dr. Chaux then formulates a clinical judgment and treatment plan based on the information obtained from the evaluation.

» What Should I Wear?

Wear loose-fitting clothing so you can expose the problem area easily. For example, it is best to wear shorts if we will be evaluating and treating your knee.

» How Many PT Sessions Will I Need?

The number of PT sessions varies significantly, depending on the diagnosis, past medical history, the severity of the impairment, etc. As such, you may need one session or months of care. Monthly re-evaluations help us assess your progress and recommend the next steps.

» How will I Pay?

At Chaux PT, we accept Medicare and most insurance carriers. Reach out to us with your insurance details, and we will verify your coverage.

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Ventura, CA is a thriving city along the California coast, 30 miles south of Santa Barbara and 63 miles north of Los Angeles. It offers a dense suburban feel, pristine beaches, a family-friendly environment, low crime levels, excellent walkability, almost perfect weather, and fantastic ocean and mountain views. What's more, high-quality economic opportunities are plenty.

Using quality physical therapy strategies, Dr. Chaux - an experienced and knowledgeable physical therapist- has helped thousands of patients live stronger, healthier, and more flexibly.

You, too, can get the help you need! Call us today at 805-203-9940 or fill our online form to schedule a consultation with Dr. Alexandra Chaux or learn more about our highly rated physical therapy services in Ventura, CA.

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