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Chaux Physical Therapy is dedicated to providing patients a high quality of care with the utmost attention to their personal needs. Working with patients that are recovering from surgery, rehabbing from sports injuries, and treating the pain and stiffness that arthritis or traumatic injury can cause. She has created a foundation that helps with postural stress and strains by starting with movement analysis, using manual therapy techniques that are custom-designed for each patient.

Each patient is different, their recovery is different, and their fisioterapia should be different too. The goal of Dr. Chaux physical therapy is to get her physical therapy services in Westlake Village patients on the road to recovering and main the strength she helps them regain.

Westlake Village Physical Therapy Expert Dr. Alexandra Chaux

Professional Physical Therapy Services in Westlake Village

Chaux Physical Therapy offers patients in the Westlake Village, California, area a unique private physical therapy at the supreme comfort level in her clinic on Hillcrest Drive in Thousand Oaks, California. Your first appointment will include a comprehensive evaluation and an informative conversation where Dr. Chaux and her staff will learn who you are and what your goals and needs are.

Then a personalized treatment plan is created, considering this information. With close communication between you and your doctor, your lifestyle, and the extensive training the Chaux Physical Therapy team has, an optimal experience is guaranteed. We are the professional physical therapist in Westlake Village, utilized manual therapy techniques and therapeutic exercise, along with in-depth instructions that will keep your momentum and improvement going home.

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Unique and specialized physical therapy plan for your unique needs in:

  • Back and Neck pain
  • Acute and Chronic pain
  • Ankle and Foot pain
  • Neuromuscular and orthopedic and injuries
  • Arthritic and Repetitive-motion conditions
  • Sports-related injuries
  • Post-surgical conditions

Our Physical Therapy Techniques

With Dr. Alexandra Chaux and her team of experts physical therapist Westlake Village, CA, you will relearn how to move, recover your strength, repair your damaged tissue and restore the body functions you once had and those you didn’t know you had. We provide patients in the Westlake Village, CA area, and those around it, the expert physical therapy with a focus on: 

Terapia Manual

Our manual therapy is divided into three phases to ensure you heal and strengthen slowly. We address the inflammatory issues, then repair the injury and follow up with a remodeling phase that will be the key to your healing success. The hands-on manual therapy by the Chaux Physical Therapy experts will minimize the inflammation while relieving your pain. Your range of motion will improve as the soft tissues repair slowly and healthy so that your myofascial restrictions are decreased.

Manual Therapy
Therapeutic Exercise

Ejercicio Terapéutico.

Chaux PT provides Westlake Village patients a series of therapeutic exercises that will give you flexibility and an improved range of motion with restored movement. Your pain is reduced, your balance improved, and you’ll have better fitness and well-being than you’ve had in years. We accomplish all of this with a therapeutic exercise designed uniquely for each patient based on their stage of healing and physical condition in three phases: inflammation phase, Proliferative Phase, Repair and Remodeling Phase

Reeducacion Neuromuscular

The Chaux Physical Therapy treatment will include neuromuscular re-education that will retrain your brain, muscles, and nerves to work as a team. Your balance, coordination, and function will be restored with this therapy. Your brain will send precise messages to your muscles for the movement that will help your strength and have you walking with ease again, even on uneven surfaces. Our method of Physical Therapy will retrain your brain to retrain your muscles.

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Neuromuscular Re-Education

Our Physical Therapy Services:

» Physical Therapist Westlake Village for Postpartum Recovery

Chaux Physical Therapy is a practical approach for managing postpartum physical recovery and functional impairments such as diastasis recti, incontinence, lower back pain, and organ prolapsed. 

Our physical therapy will improve the quality of your life and prevent post-childbirth symptoms by using conservative treatments. Doctor Alexandra helps Westlake Village patients learn how to recover their muscle strength in their core and the pelvic floor muscles using Doctor Marcel Caufriez’ Hypopressive Method.

Learning how to carry your baby while performing daily activities using proper form and posture, Doctor Alexandra explains how to avoid and modify the routine movements or activities so that each day if less painless.

» Breast Cancer Therapy Westlake Village, CA

Each year, there are an estimated 14 million new cancer conditions diagnosed around the globe. Cancer treatments are an aggressive process that causes fatigue, pain, tightness, and weakness for most patients. The Sociedad Americana del Cáncer recommends cancer patients practice frequent physical activity before, during, and after treatment to improve their endurance and strength, enhance their moods, and decrease their fatigue.

Doctor Alexandra educates cancer patients through this process, create a regimen designed specifically for them. Understanding the importance of cancer patient care before and after surgery and treatments, along with her experience and knowledge, she helps the Westlake Village patients address the side effects of chemo, radiotherapy, cancer medications, and more with her Terapia para Cáncer de Seno.

» Physical Therapy Westlake Village for Post Abdominal Surgery

A variety of issues and symptoms can occur after any abdominal surgery that results in the patient having abdominal pain and difficulty keeping upright. The physical therapy that Doctor Alexandra and the Chaux Physical Therapy staff create for each person will reduce that pain and improve that post-surgery posture.

From post-Cesarean section pain and scars to other abdominal centered surgery, they will create a plan to ease and eliminate your pain. The lower abdominal pain and lower back pain and make bowel movements and sleeping more comfortable.

» Assisted Stretching Westlake Village, CA

Today, our bodies are exposed to activities and repetitive motions that result in muscle tension. With Doctor Alexandra and the Chaux Physical Therapy staff, patients learn how to avoid those movements and positions to eliminate the pain while strengthening the complete fascia, an area that needs individualized attention and focus.

The fascia system supports your entire body, head to toe, and everywhere in between. With repetitive motions, poor posture, trauma, and other factors, it becomes tense and tight. The Chaux PT staff will design an assisted stretching program that will help release that tension, allowing you to live a full and everyday life.

» Westlake Village Physical Therapist for Balance and Fall Injuries

When your body’s balance is off, even a little bit, it can make navigating through life uneasy. A balanced body can respond to situations quickly while maintaining an upright posture. The vestibular system is the control system for your balance, auditory system, proprioceptive system, and the visual system. When any of these systems aren’t working right, the balance becomes disturbed.

This physical condition is common among those 65 years and older, and the staff at Chaux Physical Therapy has experience in working with those individuals. We will create a personalized workout program that will regain your balance, functions, strength, and more.

Learn more about Prevención de Caídas service.

» Yoga Therapy Westlake Village, CA

With a personalized program of Yoga Therapy, Doctor Alexandra Chaux can help patients to restore function and movement safely. She advises them natural ways to deal with emotional and physical pain, bringing relaxation to the body and mind through Yoga Therapy.

Doctor Alexandra Chaux will show a patient how their postural habits are restricting their movement and causing them discomfort. With the personalized yoga therapy plan she and the Chaux Physical Therapy team design each patient, they will learn how to move quickly and without effort. As a patient progresses with their personalized home yoga program, the team will modify and realign the focus to extend the patient’s improvement.

» Pain Management Westlake Village, CA

Every year, over 100 million Americans suffer from chronic pain. Medical Doctors have gotten to slack in prescribing pain killers over the years, and now the country is in an opioid crisis. Doctor Alexandra and the staff at Chaux Physical Therapy can help you get rid of the pills and find a natural way to ease, even eliminate your pain.

Physical Therapy is a safe alternative and more effective. With a personalized pain management program, she will find a way to relieve your pain using breathing techniques, manual therapy directly, and most provide patient education toward better habits for better health and improved lifestyle.

Return to your Life Goals with our Experienced Physical Therapist Westlake Village

The primary goal at Chaux PT is to make each patient feel their optimal best in all aspects. Feeling better emotionally, physically, and spiritually will help you recover faster and repair the tissue damage from years of your body being abused and overworked.

Looking forward to the best physical therapy near me in Westlake Village?

Chaux Physical Therapy has helped thousands of Westlake Village patients enjoying a stronger, happier, healthier, and more flexible life. Learn more about our physical therapy services in Westlake Village or schedule a consultation with Dr. Alexandra Chaux, Contact us or, more conveniently, call us at (805)-203-9940 to make an appointment.

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