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Physical Therapist’s Guide to Cancer

mayo 3, 2022

A cancer diagnosis can be emotionally and physically challenging. When basic tasks such as walking or standing become difficult, your quality…

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Benefits of Physical Therapy for Breast Cancer Patients

abril 26, 2022

Breast cancer is one of the most commonly diagnosed cancers worldwide. In the US alone, it affects one in eight women…

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Breast Radiation therapy and physical therapy

Efectos secundarios de la radiación de seno

septiembre 20, 2021

The purpose of physical therapy after breast radiation is to prevent chronic pain, restore or maintain optimal function and improve quality…

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Surgical Scar and physical Therapy

Cicatriz Quirúrgica y Fisioterapia

abril 22, 2021

A scar is a normal way for the body to heal, repair and restore a wound caused by injury, burn, surgery,…

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