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¿Cómo Puede Ayudar la Fisioterapia?

mayo 11, 2022

Physical therapy, also known as PT, refers to the treatments provided by physical therapy professionals who can assess and treat abnormal…

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cervical radiculopathy

Radiculopatia Cervical

diciembre 28, 2021

Cervical radiculopathy is related to the compression of the cervical nerve root localized in the neck, producing pain, pins and needles,…

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Breast Radiation therapy and physical therapy

Efectos secundarios de la radiación de seno

septiembre 20, 2021

The purpose of physical therapy after breast radiation is to prevent chronic pain, restore or maintain optimal function and improve quality…

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Juvenile Arthritis-physical therapy

Artritis Juvenil

julio 16, 2021

In this blog you will learn about juvenile arthritis, causes, sign, symptoms, tips to help your child with arthritis, and physical…

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Wound healing and nutrition


mayo 12, 2021

A person recovering from surgery, or has been sick, or has a chronic illness may require more nutrients and vitamins than…

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Reemplazo de cadera y fisioterapia

abril 7, 2021

Total Hip replacement is a surgical procedure to improve quality of life in people with very painful arthritis or hip fractures….

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achilles tendinopathy

Tendinopatia del Aquiles

junio 1, 2020

Achilles tendinopathy is a very common condition in active people, specially in runners and jumpers affecting the quality of life if…

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mayo 14, 2020

La ciática es una de las formas más comunes de dolor lumbar entre hombres y mujeres. Aprenda sobre la ciática, consejos

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Sitting all Day

Sentado Todo el Día

mayo 7, 2020

En este blog aprenderá lo que le sucede a su cuerpo cuando se sienta todo el día, y consejos útiles para reducir ...

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