In January 2021, Alexandra Chaux, DPT, ’10, finally opened her own physical therapy clinic in Thousand Oaks, California. Although she encountered difficult steps throughout the process, she was thrilled to finally meet her goal.

Just a year earlier, Dr. Chaux was working for another clinic where the focus was volume and quantity. Most of the time, she would see a patient for 15 minutes and then have to move on to the next one. She wanted an environment where she could make visits more personalized and treat her patients with more compassion. However, working full time at the clinic didn’t allow her the time needed to start her own business. Then the pandemic began.

When the clinic temporarily closed, Dr. Chaux realized this was her opportunity to establish her own clinic. She woke up early every day and devoted all her time to her new venture. She made a business plan, studied corporations, built a website, started a blog, and found a space for her clinic.

Finances were the most difficult part. Dr. Chaux wanted to provide care primarily for elderly, so she decided to use Medicare and cash for her business. She discovered becoming a Medicare provider can be a slow process. After almost nine months and two visits from Medicare to her clinic, she was finally able to open her doors.

Physical Therapy Expert, Dr Alexandra Chaux

With Chaux Physical Therapy officially open, patients have many options to receive care. Dr. Chaux offers in-person and online visits, a post-COVID-19 recovery program, women’s core classes, and several other services. She has experience with all age groups but is most passionate about working with elderly. Her goals with patients are to extend their independence and to educate them. For example, most of the time her patients live alone, so it is important for them to know how to get up when they fall.

Inside the Chaux Physical Therapy ClinicInside the Chaux Physical Therapy Clinic, Dr. Chaux’s dog, Lulu, is part of the team and is loved by patients.

“I want to give them my attention, my care – treat them with a lot of respect because they have already done so much for us,” Dr. Chaux said. “I said when I open my clinic, I’m going to walk them through the door, even if I have to open their car door, and treat them as if that person is my grandpa.”

Dr. Chaux seized the opportunity to establish her own clinic and achieve a longtime goal. While it was challenging and required some learning, she is enjoying having her own clinic to treat patients with compassion and quality care.

“We can make a difference,” Dr. Chaux said. “If you have passion for something, just go for it.”


Copy from A.T. Still University Magazine