Chaux Physical Therapy is proudly celebrating its One-Year Anniversary!

I am so honored to have served all of you this past year and I am so grateful for what we have accomplished.

This past year has been unpredictable. It was an opportunity to stay committed to my dream of offering excellent quality care in a safe environment, and my dream came true!...

I hope everybody has a great spring season and remember: I am always here to help you if you need my help.

Thank you for your loyalty and for trusting me with your health.

With Gratitude,

5 Star Review

"Having neck, back and arm problems I turned to Dr Chaux.

I can honestly say she is a miracle worker.

Not only has she helped me but also my daughter and grandson.

My grandson is like a different person since Dr Chaux treated him."

Highly recommend her.

Anne K.

Spring is the Best time of the Year to Start a Garden

Physical Benefits

Great Workout. Did you know you can burn up to 500 calories per hour of gardening?

Vitamin D exposure. Sunshine increases Vitamin D levels. Vitamin D keeps bones and joints stronger, and boost the immune system.

Health Benefits

Gardening can help you improve your diet by increasing the consumption of healthy fruits, herbs, and vegetables.

Vegetables are low in fat and calories and packed with fiber and vitamins.

Emotional Benefits

Stimulates happy hormones. Gardening reduces stress and anxiety, and promotes relaxation.

Sense of accomplishment. Watching a plant grow, plucking a juicy strawberry from one's owns garden is such a beautiful reward.

How Many Vegetables Should You Eat Every Day?

  • Babies: Half cup
  • Toddler: One cup
  • Young children: One and a half cups
  • Teens: Two and a half to three cups
  • Young Adults: Two and a half to three cups
  • Adults: Two and a half to three cups
  • Older Adults: Two to two and a half cups

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