The Body is Made to Heal Itself

Understanding Pain and Inflammation

Greetings to our valued patients and friends of Chaux Physical Therapy! In this edition of our newsletter, we delve into a topic that is central to our approach to healthcare – the body’s incredible ability to heal itself. Let’s explore what pain and inflammation mean and discover effective ways to promote healing and pain relief.

Understanding Pain and Inflammation

Understanding Pain:

Pain is a complex and vital aspect of our body’s signaling system. It is the way our body communicates that something is wrong. While it can be uncomfortable, it serves a crucial purpose in protecting us from harm. However, chronic pain can negatively impact our daily lives.

Chronic pain often involves inflammation, a natural response to injury or infection. Understanding these processes can empower you to actively participate in your healing journey.

Understanding Pain

What is Inflammation?

About Inflammation

Inflammation is the body’s protective response to injury or infection. It involves increased blood flow, immune cell activation, and various biochemical changes aimed at repairing and healing damaged tissue. However, chronic inflammation can lead to prolonged pain and discomfort.

Promoting Healing and Pain Relief:

Promoting Healing and Pain Relief

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