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Are you seeking a skilled physical therapist? If so, we would like to take this moment to welcome you to the Chaux Professional Physical Therapy in Camarillo, CA. We provide a high quality of care for all of our patients. Dr. Alexandra Chaux created the foundation with a strong focus on postural stress and strain. She starts with movement analysis, uses manual therapy techniques, and then creates a custom design for each patient.

Camarillo Physical Therapy Expert Dr. Alexandra Chaux

Full-Service Physical Therapy Techniques at Chaux Professional Physical Therapy in Camarillo, CA

Every patient that walks through the doors seeking physical therapy services in Camarillo, CA is different with their own unique set of requirements. Dr. Chaux works closely with you to help you relearn how to move your body, regain your strength, repair any damaged tissue, and restore your body’s functions to their previous level.

There are three patient techniques followed by the skilled physical therapist in Camarillo, CA:

Manual Therapy

Manual therapy is broken into three distinct phases that ensure you regain your strength slowly. Dr. Chaux addresses any inflammatory issues first so that they can then focus on repairing the injury. She will then follow up with a remodeling phase for your long term healing success. With hands-on manual therapy, Dr. Chaux can substantially minimize inflammation to bring you much-needed pain relief. Your body’s range of motion will also start to improve as the soft tissue starts to repair itself and heal. Soon your myofascial restrictions will fade.

Manual Therapy Physical Therapy Camarillo, CA
Therapeutic Exercise Physical Therapy Camarillo, CA

Therapeutic Exercise

Patients are given a series of therapeutic exercises to improve their flexibility and range of motion. The exercise also helps reduce pain, improve balance, and give you a greater degree of physical well-being. The benefits are obtained with three phases: the inflammation phase, proliferative phase and the repair and remodeling phase.

Neuromuscular Re-Education

With neuromuscular re-education your brain, nerves, and muscles learn how to again work as a team. You’ll experience improved balance, coordination, and function. Your brain again sends precise messages directly to your muscles for movement. In time, your strength will grow, and you can walk with ease over even or uneven surfaces. Basically, with Dr. Chaux’s method, physical therapy retrains the brain which then retrains your muscles.

 Neuromuscular Re-Education Physical Therapy Camarillo, CA

Dr. Chaux's Physical Therapy Services in Camarillo, CA

Below you will find a list of physical therapy services provided by Dr. Chaux,

» Postpartum Recovery

Having a baby isn’t always easy. Sometimes women encounter physical and functional impairments such as organ prolapse, lower back pain, incontinence, and diastasis recti. Physical therapy provides conservative treatments that help to prevent symptom progression and improve quality of life. Dr. Chaux helps teach you how to recover your core and pelvic floor muscles by using the successful Hypopressive Method that was created by Dr. Marcel Caufriez.

Dr. Chaux also teaches methods for carrying your baby plus the correct form and posture to perform daily activities. She outlines how your body moves and beneficial ways to improve your daily activities.

» Breast Cancer Therapy

The diagnosis of cancer is never easy. You’ll be propelled into a whirlwind of possible surgery and treatments to battle the aggressive malignancy. Sadly, many of the treatments lead to physical problems such as the following:

  • » Fatigue
  • » Joint stiffness
  • » Walking problems
  • » Poor balance
  • » Weakness
  • » Numbness of the hands and feet
  • » Mood changes
  • » Swelling in the legs, arms, face, and trunk

To overcome the treatment side effects, the American Cancer Society recommends physical activity to decrease fatigue, increase endurance, build strength, and improve mood. Physical therapy can help significantly with cancer recovery before and after surgery. The healing process of the incision site can improve which helps reduce the formation of scars and adhesions by increasing circulation. Also pain and inflammation are lowered through the use of physical therapy.

Dr. Chaux can also help with the side effects of radiotherapy, cancer medications, and chemotherapy. You’ll experience renewed flexibility, so you heal faster and retain some level of independence.

Stress and depression are also common before, during, and after cancer treatments. Through the use of breathing and manual techniques, stress becomes more manageable plus anxiety and depression improve.

» Post Abdominal Surgeries

After undergoing an abdominal surgery, you can experience a variety of problems such as pain and difficulty maintaining an upright position as the scar starts to tighten. The use of physical therapy can reduce the discomfort and improve your posture.

A Cesarean section often creates a painful scar. With close to 1.3 million c-sections performed annually, many women end up experiencing problems such as:

  • » Chronic pain in the region of the scar.
  • » A feeling of pressure in the lower abdominal region.
  • » Back pain.
  • » Pain with bowel movements.
  • » Discomfort in bed that leads to tossing and turning.
  • » Premenstrual pain.

Physical therapy helps alleviate some of the discomfort and reduce the symptoms. The use of scar release therapy such as the following can prove beneficial:

  • » Myofascial Release
  • » Visceral Mobilization
  • » Gentle Stretches to the Scar Area
  • » Global Postural Reeducation
  • » Trigger Point Release

Scar release therapy provides:

  • » Improved tolerance of pressure in the lower abdomen.
  • » Greater scar mobility.
  • » Decreases premenstrual pain.

» Assisted Stretching

Assisted stretching, often referred to as Global Body Stretching, helps release tension within the body caused from everyday activities. If the tension is not treated, then you become predisposed to injuries. The body is connected through what is referred to as a fascia which covers the muscles of the body. The fascia is why if you have knee pain you might feel it in your hip or some other area of your body because everything is connected. Dr. Chaux treats the fascia system to achieve the following:

  • » Great joint mobility.
  • » Better posture.
  • » Reduction in muscle stiffness.
  • » Ease stress and anxiety.
  • » Improve balance.
  • » Decrease the feeling of numbness in the legs or arms.
  • » Soothe body fatigue.
  • » Improve circulation.

» Pain Management

Pain is debilitating and over 100 million Americans struggle to cope with chronic pain. Sadly, physicians often prescribe pain medications which mask the pain and do not focus on treating the underlying cause of the discomfort. The painkillers are not without their own set of dangers too. Many are highly addictive and if taken improperly can lead to addiction.

Physical therapy can address pain by focusing on therapeutic exercise, breathing techniques, patient education, manual therapy, and achieving greater fitness.

» Balance and Fall Prevention

Balance helps you remain upright and keeps you from falling when you walk on uneven surfaces or encounter obstacles. Your body’s sense of balance is controlled by the vestibular system which includes the auditory system, visual and proprioceptive system. They all work together to create homeostasis. However, if something goes wrong with one of the systems then your balance can change.

Many individuals over the age of 65 suffer from falls. In fact, falls remain the main cause of injuries and death in the elderly. One out of three seniors will fall each year.

Physical therapy can successfully prevent many falls in seniors by focusing on exercises such as balance, strength training, gait training, and function.

» Yoga Therapy

Dr. Chaux teaches gentle yoga poses to help with movement restrictions and discomfort. Learn how to listen to your body’s needs. An at-home yoga Therapy program will be laid out to address your particular needs.

» Post Covid Recovery

Many who have suffered COVID-19 have lingering pain, shortness of breath, mobility problems, tightness, joint stiffness, lack of energy, insomnia, pain, and weakness. Dr. Chaux has an extensive knowledge of respiratory therapy coupled with long term care which can greatly benefit in the post COVID recovery.

» Physical Therapy for Seniors

Aging brings on its own set of problems. Physical therapy can help address pain and mobility issues. Dr. Chaux helps seniors improve their strength, flexibility, endurance, and balance through physical therapy.

Return to Your Life Goals with the Experienced and Knowledgeable Physical Therapist in Camarillo, CA

The ultimate goal of Dr. Chaux is always to help you return to your life endeavors in a pain-free fashion. She takes the time to listen to her patients and formulate a physical therapy plan that best fits their individual needs.

FAQ: Physical Therapy

» What is a Physical Therapist?

A physical therapist has been licensed by the State of California to specialize in therapy programs that focus on the musculoskeletal injuries and disorders. In addition, a physical therapist helps with sport injuries, massage therapy, and post-operative rehabilitation.

» What are your hours of operation?

  • Monday-Friday
  • 8AM - 5PM

» How long does a visit last?

A typical first time visit will last 45 to 60 minutes. Follow up visits can vary depending on the therapy.

» How should I dress?

Wear comfortable, loose fitting clothes.

» What happens on my first visit?

Dr. Chaux and her team will evaluate your problem and then work out a physical therapy and treatment plan to address your unique needs.

» How do I make an appointment?

Please call (805) 203-9940

You can also email us for more information:

Dr. Chaux proudly handles all physical therapy needs in and around the community of Camarillo, CA. When looking for skilled and knowledgeable physical therapy in Camarillo, CA please give Chaux Physical Therapy a call for more information or to schedule an appointment.

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