Physical therapy has an important role to play when it comes to regaining and restoring pain-free and comfortable movement. Chaux Physical Therapy is a privately-owned clinic founded by Dr. Alexandra Chaux dedicated to offer leading Physical therapy Moorpark, CA that helps you promotes the overall health prior to a disability, illness, and injury.

To achieve full recovery, the physical therapists monitor and design a customized program with an integrated, holistic approach. The main goal is to restore physical health and overall wellness, and quality of life by minimizing future illness or injury risk.

Our Physical therapy Moorpark, CA team works with the competent health care specialists who know the advanced techniques to help patients of all ages. Regardless of the health condition you suffer from, our primary care physical therapist Dr. Alexandra Chaux offers the best caregiving facilities.

Physical Therapy Services in Moorpark, CA, can help you successfully alleviate several painful and chronic musculoskeletal conditions. We understand that chronic pain often becomes a frustrating condition to experience. It is especially true when you don’t know its underlying cause. 

Moorpark Physical Therapy Expert Dr. Alexandra Chaux

However, Dr. Alexandra Chaux and her team of experts’ physical therapists Moorpark, CA, use the best therapy techniques paired with therapeutic exercises to mobilize the soft tissues and joints. We use a holistic approach to reduce aches, restore muscle functions, and eliminate pain.

Our qualified physical therapists prescribe patients physical exercises to perform regularly. It is a proven practice to keep the painful conditions from returning. 

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Welcome to the Professional Physical Therapy Moorpark, CA

To promote complete recovery, Dr. Chaux’s Physical therapy Moorpark, CA offers optimal recovery to the patients. Whether it is about repairing tissue damage or improving wellness, Dr. Chaux provides the best professional therapy session in town.

At Chaux Physical Therapy Moorpark, CA, we believe in restoring your body functions using only the proven and best methods. Note that counseling and mediation are not enough to restore a healthy lifestyle when you enter a recovery phase.

Physical therapies recommended by our medical professionals can do wonders to improve your health progressively. We understand that mobility can be a serious issue due to sports injuries, aging, minor accidents, or your sedentary lifestyle.

Physical Therapy Moorpark, CA is highly advantageous for all your ameliorating problems with moving or walking. Even if your medical ailment is chronic and severe, Dr.Chaux has a solution to your problem. Our physical therapy includes strengthening and stretching exercises to help you restore mobility to a large degree. The therapy sessions re-enable the same quality of life you experienced before.

Regardless of the diseases that lead you to physical therapy being prescribed, Chaux Physical Therapy Moorpark, CA, aims to improve your neutral state to free you from movement restriction and pain. Dr. Chaux is an expert in her field and specialized physical therapy techniques to facilitate complete healing to reinforce complete physical recovery.

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Full-Service Physical Therapy Techniques

As mentioned above, our therapist at Physical Therapy Moorpark, CA specializes in restoring body movements and functions through individual programs. Taking your lifestyle goals into account, our physical therapy techniques offer full recovery and optimize results.

Chaux’s Physical Therapy Services in Moorpark, CA, offers the best combination of advanced therapeutic exercises, manual techniques. Dr. Chaux sets in-depth instructions to promote pain-relieving modalities. To help patients maintain mobility and achieve recovery, the expert therapist prescribes the best practices and preventative measures.

By taking you through an initial assessment, our therapist creates an individual rehabilitation plan to address your physio needs.

At Physical Therapy in Moorpark, CA, Dr. Chaux and her competent team help you relearn movements and restore your damaged tissues.

Here are the comprehensive solution of physical therapy we offer in Moorpark, CA.

Manual Therapy

Dr. Chaux and her Therapist team at Physical Therapy Moorpark CA, specialize in manual physical therapy techniques that work best for several patients to repair tissue damages and restore body movements.

Manual therapy refers to physical exercises that don't require any device. Our therapists' skilled team uses hand therapies to repair muscle tissues and improve joints function.

These therapies may offer relief in pain, inflammation and quicken tissue repair. The advanced techniques can cater to various stages of remolding phases, wound healing, and restoration.

Manual Therapy Physical Therapy Moorpark, CA

Manual therapy is highly effective for:

  • reducing back pain
  • decreasing Joint dysfunction
  • reducing muscles spasm and tension
  • improving flexibility and posture
  • restoring motion
  • Improving oxygen and nutrient delivery
Therapeutic Exercise Physical Therapy Moorpark, CA

Therapeutic Exercise

Physical Therapy Services in Moorpark, CA, including a slew of therapeutic exercises focused on restoring stability and maintaining balance. The combination of therapeutic exercises at our therapy center also helps you develop strength and endurance to restore a fully-functioning and pain-free state.

Dr.Chaux has a skill set to execute planned physical movements to remediate body structures' impairments.

Depending on your physical state, Physical Therapist Moorpark, CA, recommends pain-free exercises that include everything from agility training, neuromuscular activities to soft tissue stretching, motion, and insurance exercises.

Isometric exercises are also excellent therapeutic techniques to improve stability when you're in the proliferative phase.

Neuromuscular Re-Education

Dr. Chaux has designed neuromuscular re-education Therapy methods at Physical Therapy Moorpark, CA, to improve brain, nerve, and muscle coordination. The techniques are effective in restoring your body movements and patterns.

The neuromuscular system is responsible for producing movements in the body by allowing nerves to send impulses to muscles and the brain to control the speed, direction, and frequency of motions.

For instance, if you're experiencing some balance and gait issues causing unexplained falls, Dr. Chaux leverages the best neuromuscular re-education techniques to retune muscles and rewire the brain to gain better movement.

Are you experiencing balance issues? You may need neuromuscular re-education. Schedule an appointment with Physical Therapy Moorpark, CA

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 Neuromuscular Re-Education Physical Therapy Moorpark, CA

Dr. Chaux's Physical Therapy Services in Moorpark, CA

» Physical Therapy Moorpark, CA for Postpartum Recovery

At Physical Therapy Moorpark, CA, we offer a range of postpartum recovery techniques for mothers experiencing emotional and physical transition. Know that physical changes often cause fluctuations in hormone levels, which contribute to several musculoskeletal concerns. These include altered spinal movements, core stabilizers weakness, muscle imbalances, and lower back pain.

Physical therapy techniques designed for postpartum recovery Therapy can help mothers recover from mild or severe pelvic dysfunction. Moreover, you can learn how to carry your new-born and perform daily activities with the correct form and posture. We offer a thriving and customized postpartum recovery plan.

» Breast Cancer Therapy Moorpark, CA

Cancers treatments are long and aggressive and may result in joint stiffness, poor balance, feet numbness, muscle tightness, and mood changes. Regular physical therapy exercises can help you deal with the treatment phase.

Physical Therapy Services in Moorpark, CA, helps cancer patients fight pre and post-surgery side effects of radiotherapy and chemotherapy. The therapy involves the central nervous system, legs, arms, and other body parts that regulate body movement. Seek the assistance of our expert therapist to reduce inflammation and scar formation.

Whether you have undergone double mastectomy or lumpectomy, breast Cancer therapy in Moorpark can help you keep lymphedema. The physical therapy exercises help you improve movements and alleviate the pain affecting your breast cancer treatment. You can restore flexibility and improve blood circulation.

» Assisted Stretching Moorpark, CA

Reduce your muscle tightness, body tension, increase performance, improve motions, and decrease stress with assist stretching Physical Therapy techniques at Moorpark, CA.

» Therapy for Balance and Fall Injuries

When your vestibular system has coordination and balance issues, you may experience unexplained falls. Plus, factors like cognitive impairments, unsteady gait, aging, and a sedentary lifestyle can cause falls.

Regardless of the factor causing you imbalance, our therapeutic interventions can help you decrease symptoms.

The balance and fall injuries therapy may

  • » improve independence with daily living
  • » Increase safety
  • » Increase independence and functional mobility
  • » Prevent future fall
  • » Decrease fall risk

» Yoga Therapy Moorpark, CA

Prevention strategy and self-care maintenance are also a part of Physical Therapy Services in Moorpark, CA. Dr. Chaux addresses mental, physical, and emotional needs by incorporating yoga therapy. Yoga therapies help you with your meditation, musculoskeletal imbalances, and movements to achieve a better emotional, physical, and mental being.

» Therapy for Pain Management

Chronic pain is a common medical problem for many people in the US. Unfortunately, they opt for painkillers to alleviate pain instead of a permanent, long-term solution.

Physical therapy for pain management Therapy at Moorpark, CA, can help you control pain effectively. It includes therapeutic exercises, education, and breathing exercises to reduce pain intensity without medication.

» Therapy for Post Abdominal Surgery

Physical Therapy Moorpark, CA, offers a comprehensive physical therapy plan to reduce post abdominal surgery symptoms. Our therapist can help you relieve the symptoms through proven techniques such as trigger point release and visceral mobilization.

Return to your Life Goals with the Experienced and Knowledgeable Physical Therapist Moorpark, CA

Physical Therapy Moorpark, CA excels at offering physical therapies that can improve your wellbeing. Dr. Chaux has years of experience in the field to help people restore an active and healthy lifestyle. We use only proven strategies to help patients in Moorpark, CA, return to their happier and healthier life.

FAQ: Physical Therapy

» Who is a physical therapist?

A physical therapist specializes in therapy techniques and programs for sports injuries, musculoskeletal injuries, and post-operative rehabilitation.

» Who is an occupational therapist?

A physical therapist is a professional who specializes in treatment related to work injuries and upper extremities. He/she offers patient education, adaptive techniques, workplace evaluations, and a joint range of motions.

» How long does your physical therapy visit take?

A session may take 40 to 60 minutes, depending on the type of therapies you're taking.

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