An underlying medical condition may limit your ability to function and move properly. A customized or individual physical therapy plan may help you return to your previous levels of activity.

To provide exclusive Physical Therapy Oxnard, CA, Chaux Physical Therapy is a privately-owned clinic founded by Dr. Alexandra Chaux, offering comprehensive and effective lifestyle changes to help you restore your physical, mental, and emotional health.

The individual plan from our team of professional physical therapists Oxnard, CA, comprises customized treatment activities to improve well-being and to help patients achieve complete recovery. The techniques in a treatment plan not only help you recover from impairments but also prevent future injuries.

Physical therapy Oxnard, CA, has an excellent, qualified team that works with Dr. Chaux. The therapy services include numerous manual and therapeutic exercises such as tissue mobilization to relieve pain.

A caregiving facility like Chaux Physical Therapy Oxnard, CA, is your long-term solution to alleviate chronic pain, restore your joint and muscle function.

Oxnard Physical Therapy Expert Dr. Alexandra Chaux

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Welcome to the Professional Physical Therapy Oxnard, CA

Whether you have trouble walking, moving, or standing, physical therapy in Oxnard, CA, can help you restore or recover your ability to function normally. Our professional physical therapy service properly fits your needs if you're with crutches, a cane, or any other assistive equipment. Dr. Chaux has expertise in assessing people for orthotic prescription.

Our physical therapy Oxnard, CA, includes everything in an individual plan from strengthening to stretching exercises. Our qualified physical therapist recommends activities that are important to your life, and you can easily adapt to or practice them. The therapeutic exercises in our care plan are effective enough to ensure your maximal safety and performance.

Our team of physical therapists Oxnard, CA, evaluates your medical condition before developing a care plan. Once evaluated, the program guides your physical therapy. We also perform several hands-on treatments to relieve your post-surgery symptoms. To restore the bodily functions, Dr.Chaux and her trained physical therapists only opt for proven therapy techniques.

Helping patients achieve maximum mobility and a healthy lifestyle is our aim at Physical Therapy Oxnard, CA. We know injuries, surgeries and accidents may cause people severe mobility issues. Sometimes your inactive lifestyle is the factor behind your chronic pain.

That is why we consider determining your pain's underlying causes crucial to create a care plan. Our physical therapy treatment plans can enhance your mobility by focusing on the relevant and most effective activities.

Full-Service Physical Therapy Techniques

Chaux Physical Therapy Oxnard, CA excels at creating treatment plans that can ease pain and improve your mobility and functions to help you live better. Dr. Chaux is a licensed physiotherapist who specializes in advanced therapy techniques. She can suggest you a care plan if you have had illness or injury, making it difficult to do your daily tasks.

Our physical therapists Oxnard, CA, are masters in pain-relieving methods, practices, and measures to maximize mobility. Dr. Chaux's customized treatment plans meet the specific needs of the patients that may;

  • » Relieve your pain
  • » Improve your ability or movement
  • » Prevent surgery or disability
  • » Help you recover from an injury
  • » Rehab after an accident, surgery, stroke, or injury, Work on your balance to help you avoid a fall
  • » Recover from postpartum
  • » Manage an illness like arthritis, diabetes, and heart disease
  • » Help you Adapt to a synthetic limb
  • » Control your bladder
  • » Get a brace
  • » Help you learn the use of assistive devices

Take a look at the advanced techniques of physical therapies Dr. Alexandra Chaux offers at Oxnard, CA

Manual Therapy Oxnard, CA

Manual therapy at Oxnard, CA, focuses on catering to three critical stages. These include the remodeling phase, damaged tissue repair, and wound-healing inflammation.

Manual therapy is an excellent way to normalize limb movement and improve motion between your joint surfaces. Opting for manual therapy Oxnard, CA, is the right way to have improved joint mobility.

Dr. Chaux uses effective manual therapies such as fascial manipulation, trigger point release, spinal manipulation, cupping, and myofascial release. A care plan comprising these manual therapy techniques can relieve back pain, reduce muscle tightness, and improve motion and posture.

Manual Therapy Physical Therapy Oxnard, CA

Manual therapy is highly effective for:

  • reducing back pain
  • decreasing Joint dysfunction
  • reducing muscles spasm and tension
  • improving flexibility and posture
  • restoring motion
  • Improving oxygen and nutrient delivery
Therapeutic Exercise Physical Therapy Oxnard, CA

Therapeutic Exercise

Therapeutic exercises, as part of physical therapy Services in Oxnard, CA, include a range of effective physical activities. All the activities focus on recovering and maintaining your stability, endurance, strength, and flexibility. You can restore your movements and functions with effective programs containing therapeutic exercises.

Physical Therapy Oxnard, CA offers therapeutic exercises to help you walk and run again without any help. The pain-free exercises are a fantastic solution to improving balance, increasing your range of motion, avoiding surgeries, and reducing, even eliminating, pain.

Moreover, your physical therapist at Oxnard, CA, can recommend isometric exercises to improve strength and stability, especially in the proliferative state.

Neuromuscular Re-Education

Are you looking for therapy techniques that can keep your muscles, brain, and nerves coordinated?

Neuromuscular re-education therapy techniques are the right choice for you. By improving your regular motor patterns, neuromuscular re-education allows nerves to control muscle movements by sending impulses.

Don't fear falling or losing balance anymore. Dr. Chaux's neuromuscular re-education therapy expertly retrains or resets your brain and muscles to improve balance strength, movement, and function.

Improve mobility to add to your physical health by getting in touch with us. Call us directly at (805) 203-9940 or contact us online!

 Neuromuscular Re-Education Physical Therapy Oxnard, CA

Dr. Chaux's Expert Physical Therapy Services in Oxnard, CA

» Physical Therapy Oxnard, CA for Postpartum Recovery

Giving birth is often emotionally and physically draining for new mothers. They experience a range of physical and emotional changes during the process. The hormonal changes a mother experiences can take a toll on her emotionally and mentally.

This can impact her physical health in many ways. You might have seen mothers suffering from musculoskeletal problems such as muscle imbalances, altered spinal movements, and backache.

At physical therapy Oxnard, CA, we have a unique postpartum recovery Therapy care plan to help mothers reduce pelvic dysfunction symptoms. If you're experiencing motherhood for the first time, we can reach you with the correct techniques to carry and handle your newborn while performing daily activities.

» Breast Cancer Therapy Oxnard, CA

Women who had breast cancer may experience several post-surgery side effects. Most side effects are the result of extensive radiotherapies. Dr. Chaux has developed a comprehensive physical therapy care plan for breast cancer patients that may ease the pain and discomfort that comes with the treatment.

Our breast cancer therapy in Oxnard is effective for surgeries like lumpectomy and mastectomy. It can help to reduce pain and inflammation.

» Assisted Stretching Oxnard, CA

Assisted stretching at Physical Therapy Oxnard, CA, can help you manage the discomfort and pain conditions like arthritis and backache cause. Our therapy includes the correct stretching techniques that address your afflicted muscles and joints' tension and stiffness. Improve your muscle elasticity, flexibility, and motion with assisted stretching therapy.

» Physical Therapy Oxnard, CA for Balance and Fall Injuries

Don't let your inactive lifestyle, injuries, cognitive impairment affect your vestibular system. It is an important mechanism that maintains the balance of your body.

Seeking therapy for fall injuries at Oxnard, CA, reduces your chances of future falls and makes you independent with your daily tasks. Our care plan also helps you increase your functional mobility significantly.

» Yoga Therapy Oxnard, CA

Comprehensive yoga therapy exercises are for addressing the emotional and mental needs of patients. With yoga therapy in Oxnard, CA, you can achieve better mental well-being as it enables you to adapt to self-care maintenance exercises.

» Therapy for Pain Management at Oxnard, CA

Many people suffer from chronic pain and consider painkillers a standard solution to subside or reduce the intensity.

Physical Therapy Oxnard, CA offers excellent therapeutic exercises in its pain management Therapy program. Bid farewell to your chronic pain without taking any medication.

» Therapy for Post Abdominal Surgery at Oxnard, CA

Are you experiencing symptoms or side effects of post abdominal surgery?

Physical Therapy Services in Oxnard, CA, also include therapy techniques such as visceral mobilization to alleviate post abdominal surgery symptoms.

» Hypopressive Oxnard, CA

This innovative breathing technique is a complex mind-body connection that strives to heal the core and pelvic floor, requiring a qualified Hypopressive professional. Get in touch with Dr. Alexandra Chaux, the leading expert in Hypopressive, and learn about this revolutionary pain-healing technique.

» Post-COVID Recovery Oxnard, CA

Mobility restrictions, joint stiffness, and shortness of breath that result in extreme tiredness, headache, etc., are often long-term effects of Coronavirus. Dr. Chaux, who has expertise as a respiratory therapist, works on strengthens the lungs' health which is the most crucial approach to treat patients recovering from Covid-19.

» Physical Therapy for Seniors Oxnard, CA

We all know healing is different for seniors as it involves cognitive and physical changes with aging. Dr. CHaux offers customized physical therapy services for older patients with appropriate techniques and exercises that treat a wide range of medical conditions such as:

  • Arthritis
  • Osteoporosis
  • Post-surgery pain
  • Balance Issues
  • Joint Replacements

Get the Benefits of Experienced Physical Therapist Oxnard, CA

Physical therapy in Oxnard, CA, promotes your optimal recovery through an exceptional care plan to improve your lifestyle. Our effective techniques and advanced physical therapy methods set us apart from other healthcare facilities.

Relearn and restore your wellness, mobility, and functions with our customized therapies and transform your lifestyle. Dial (805)-203-9940 today and get in touch with us to schedule a comprehensive therapy solution.

FAQ: Physical Therapy

» What is a physical therapist?

Physical therapists are licensed professionals who specialize in physical therapy programs for musculoskeletal disorders and injuries. They also offer post-operative rehabilitation services, massage therapy, and treatment plans for sports injuries.

» How do physical therapists treat pain and injuries?

Physical Therapists provide customized and targeted programs for restoring movement and function. They also work as consultants to help athletes and organizations prevent injury, improve the workplace's design, and recommend patients' techniques. They provide a mix of styles and exercises to strengthen overused muscles and treat pain.

» What is an occupational therapist?

Occupational therapists are licensed professionals who specialize in the treatment of work-related injuries. Their services include adaptive techniques, patient education, and workplace evaluations.

» How should I dress when I come for my appointment?

Bring or wear comfortable and loose-fitting clothing.

» How long will be my first visit?

Your initial visit can take anywhere from thirty to sixty minutes. However, follow-up visits vary according to your physical therapy treatment plan.

» What happens on my initial visit?

We will address your complaints and current problems to evaluate your condition. We may recommend any additional tests to set the right goals for your physical therapy treatment in some cases.

» Is physical therapy painful?

We will employ a variety of techniques to maximize your treatment goals with as little pain as possible. Since most patients' primary objective is pain relief, we guide you with the appropriate exercises and techniques to increase flexibility, endurance, and range of motion.

» How do I make an appointment?

Dial (805)-203-9940 or sign-up for a free 20-minute discovery call for receiving customized physical therapy programs.

» How is physical therapy different for older adults?

The timeline of recovery is longer for seniors. That's because aging slows down the healing processes of older adults.

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