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Coronavirus has penetrated the USA and exposed us to new realities. But as we adapt to these changes, let us not forget that people still struggle with other medical issues such as pain, imbalances, mental conditions, and cognitive issues. Patients who address these issues with physical therapy still need their sessions. As the world revolves with COVID-19, so does physical therapy services. And as people seek answers to their doubts about PT’s continuity, therapists are doing everything possible to keep their services available during the pandemic. So, how has PT remained relevant during COVID-19? Why is it critical during these times? And what has changed in the delivery of these services. Read on to get these questions answered comprehensively.

The Benefits of Physical Therapy During COVID-19

When local governments started issuing shelter-in-place orders to contain the transmission of COVID-19, physical therapy appointments dropped significantly. However, famous health institutions like the Center for Disease Control(CDC) and World Health Organization(WHO) strongly recommend physical activity during the pandemic. WHO goes the extra mile to offer detailed recommendations on the minimum levels of physical activity that individuals of all ages should partake for optimal health and wellbeing. For example, if you are an adult, WHO recommends that you spend at least 150 minutes in moderate activity or 75 minutes in vigorous activity throughout the week. During COVID-19, PT services are especially critical to individuals in pain, recovering from surgeries, and mobility deficits. And for those individuals not struggling with health conditions, physical therapy during COVID-19 can help them with;
  • Maintaining a self-care preventive strategy without long breaks.
  • Improving balance, posture, and movements
  • Building strength and abilities unhindered
  • Maintaining a daily routine geared towards overall wellbeing.
From the above, the importance of physical therapy during the pandemic and standard times cannot be underscored enough.

Is Physical Therapy an Essential Service?

To help private businesses and federal and local governments designate essential workforce during the coronavirus pandemic, the Cybersecurity and Infrastructure Security Agency(CISA) issued guidance that identifies critical infrastructure industries deemed essential to the US welfare. The workforce in these industries has a special responsibility to run their everyday operations while observing CDC regulations. And fortunately, physical therapy is among these essential services. We cannot afford to underestimate the role of physical therapy in maintaining a quality life. When well leveraged, PT can help you lead a more positive, healthier, and happier life. And for this reason, we have kept Chaux PT clinic open, ensuring optimal safety for our clients and staff.

Are PT Offices Taking in Patients During the Pandemic?

Yes. Cognizant of the critical role physical therapy plays in human life, Chaux PT clinic remains open to patients of all ages and conditions. Here, you get custom PT programs geared to address your unique physio needs. Effectively. Most importantly, we recognize and follow CDC regulations for healthcare facilities during COVID-19 to provide a safe working and treatment environment. And we are happy that we can offer a combination of virtual and in-person PT sessions during the pandemic.

Is In-Clinic PT Safe During Coronavirus Pandemic?

At Chaux Physical Therapy, we follow the latest CDC guidelines to offer the safest PT treatments. We are keen on maintaining social distancing, right from when patients enter our waiting room. Additionally, we configured our treatment spaces, ensuring there are at least two meters between individuals. And limit the number of people besides keeping a constant eye on patient movements around the treatment area. In addition to wearing masks, all patients and staff have their temperature checked before entry. And our staff clean all equipment and surfaces with medical-grade disinfectant between patients. There is an ample supply of hand sanitizers, ensuring a microbe-free environment for our patients and staff. Our office hours are flexible enough to enable vulnerable groups to attend sessions when we are less occupied.

How Do I Make Physical Therapy Safe?

In our commitment to safe PT treatments, we teach our patients practical ways to keep themselves and the people around them safe. And only with your collaboration can we do our part in slowing down coronavirus transmission in the country. We advise our team and patients to follow the following guidelines;
  • Limit close contact and maintain social distance.
  • Clean your hand with soap and running water regularly.
  • Use approved hand sanitizer between handwashing.
  • Kindly stay at home if you have experienced any COVID-19 symptoms. Talk to a healthcare provider and follow their care plan.
  • Take care of your general health and safety; and that of others, anywhere, and anytime.
Staying at home doesn’t have to pause your physical therapy sessions. Our online PT service can take care of that. Without a hassle.

Which PT Options Can I Get Virtually?

Chaux PT’s Online physical therapy service is a timely solution to clients under quarantine or limiting their engagement with the outside world. We deliver this solution in one-on-one online sessions, coupled with the personalized care you would receive in-clinic. And with a schedule, we set together with you. All you need is a web-enabled device (think tablet, smartphone, desktop, and laptop), exercise equipment we prescribe for you, and comfortable clothing. Dedicated to seeing virtual PT work for you, we will do everything possible to address any challenges along the journey. Be it problems with scheduling, insurance coverage, or lack of exercise equipment. You remain our top priority, and we are happy to be at your service.

Can PT Help Individuals Recovering from COVID-19?

Yes. To some extent. Physical therapy may help patients recovering from COVID-19 but experiencing any of the issues associated with PICS (Post-Intensive Care Syndrome). These are usually individuals who have survived treatment in ICU. PICS manifests in symptoms like imbalance, muscle weakness, severe depression, anxiety, post-traumatic stress disorder, and cognitive issues. An experienced physical therapist can recognize and help address these issues.

The Road Ahead

At Chaux PT, we recognize how important it is for you to regain your health and wellbeing. Understanding that these times may be quite difficult for things to proceed normally, we remain committed to keeping our virtual and in-person PT sessions available to everyone seamlessly. We are dedicated to keeping our offices clean and continually offering outstanding services. All these are geared towards helping you focus on your path to recovery with physical therapy.

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