Come Back Stronger with Post-COVID Recovery

Chaux Physical Therapy is now offering a Post-Covid Recovery Program.

The most common symptoms reported while recovering from COVID-19 are pain, weakness, shortness of breath, extreme tiredness, mobility restrictions, joint stiffness, muscle tightness, headache, lack of energy, and difficulty sleeping.

Dr. Alexandra Chaux is a Doctor of Physical Therapy with extensive knowledge and experience in respiratory therapy and long-term care. “The most important approach to treat patients recovering from COVID is strengthening the lungs first,” Dr. Chaux says.

Having stronger lungs improves exercise tolerance, restores function, reduces stress, lowers anxiety, and improves quality of life. 

 Come Back Stronger with Post-COVID Recovery

Post-COVID Recovery program includes:

  • Breathing re-education to improve oxygen saturation, reduce shortness of breath, reduce anxiety and depression, reduce fatigue, and improve lung capacity.
  • Myofascial release to relieve any muscle tension accumulated in the diaphragm, rib cage, breathing accessories muscles around the neck, shoulder, and upper back.
  • Rib and neck mobilization to improve range of mobility and function.
  • Assisted stretching to improve flexibility of tight sore muscles and improve mobility.
  • Therapeutic exercises to improve muscle strength in weak muscles and improve functional movements.
  • Energy conservation techniques for bed mobility, transfers, bathing, daily hygiene, gait ability to maximize oxygen intake.
  • Balance training for fall prevention.
  • Breathing techniques to manage stress, anxiety, and depression.

The post-COVID Recovery program created by Dr. Alexandra Chaux is designed to be provided in person or virtually via telehealth using Zoom..

The length of the Post-COVID Recovery program is up to twelve visits with one to three sessions per week. This schedule can be modified according to the patient’s needs, goals and expectations.

Dr. Alexandra Chaux offers an individualized treatment in a private room with no aides or assistants to maximize the patient’s safety, recovery time and to have a more effective treatment.

Dr. Chaux is very compassionate and accountable. She will spend quality time listening to your needs to understand the root of the problem and create a customized plan only for you to come back stronger after a COVID infection.

The sooner the patient starts physical therapy after being released from the hospital and during COVID recovery time, the faster the recovery and a return normalcy.

If you are having hard time recovering or have a loved one who is, give us a call (805)203-9940 to start your Post-COVID care program.