Dr. Alexandra Chaux is amazing! I hurt my back a few weeks ago and nothing helped. The doctors gave me anti-inflammatory and steroids but the pain kept returning. I have gone to Dr. Alex four times.

Today, my fourth visit left me with no pain! I felt wonderful and completely 100% pain free. I have exercises and a stretching program from Dr. Chaux to continue my good feeling since the last appointment. I can’t thank Dr. Alex enough!

She is very educated and treats you holistically. My pain has started to migrate to the other side of my lower back due to over compensating due to the pain. She fixed it all. I’m amazed and very grateful to her.


I really loved my time working with Dr Alexandra. She is very kind, personable and understanding.

Lizzy K

Dr. Chaux is Amazing!
I came to Alexandra after completing treatment for breast cancer. After several surgeries and radiation I was in pain and restricted from the build up of scar tissue. Very patient and determined, she works you back to mobility. She is so compassionate and positive you are inspired to work on her at home suggestions.
Don’t be fooled with her slight fram she is so strong and can pinpoint the root of the problem.

I highly recommend her to women who need an expert therapist after treatment. I absolutely feel better, I’m very grateful.

Marcia Haber

I’ve been treated by Dr. Alexandra Chaux before for my lower back pain and when I hurt my back again from exercising, I did not hesitate to book an appointment with her again! She really takes her time with me and helps treat my problematic areas. She also recommended stretches and lighter exercise routines to help me do at home. My back was getting better throughout my follow up visits with her and I continued to do what she has recommended since it has helped me a great deal!

It can be hard trying to find the right doctor that you feel comfortable with and knows what they are doing. She is kind, professional, and is an expert in her area. I highly recommend Dr. Alexandra Chaux’s services to anyone needing physical therapy! Thank you so much!


Dr. Chaux is truly a special person with healing hands. She has helped me with pelvic floor dysfunction as well as other issues. She is compassionate, kind and so intuitive. I feel so incredibly lucky to have found her!

Elizabeth Marino

I had been suffering from lower back pain after gardening for over 10 days. After one PT session with Dr Chaux my pain level dropped to almost zero. Her knowledge about all the connections in the human body cannot be understated. She is a gifted and talented practitioner.

kathy smith

Dr. Chaux is one of those rare professionals who combine great skill with even greater empathy. She’s an amazing practitioner. I cannot recommend her highly enough!

Steven Smith

Dear Dr. Alex,

Dr.Chaux is super thorough and in tune with the body. I had a problem with my back and she began by doing an analysis of my whole back to see where the problem was being felt. She then did assisted stretches to help ease both my upper and lower back followed by diaphragm pressure points to release pent up tension. Finally, doctor showed me stretches to do at home and continue to help ease my back while I await my next session. 10/10 recommend to anyone both new and old as she is gentle and thorough with her work. Can’t wait to see her again!!

Carolina Ramirez

Dear Dr. Alex,

I just wanted to express my gratitude to you for taking good care of me. You have my sincere thanks for all the treatments I received to increase my level of mobility.

Gracias una vez más por hacer mi terapia fisica mas facil y divertida!

Sinceramente, R

Doctor Alexandra,
Thank you for your most professional care.

Robert W. 

Doctora Alexandra,
One of the pleasant memories of Pat’s Mother stay at WCMH was your visits/caring with your duties of physical therapy.

She as insisting on writing you a note which I have Enclosed. (Her Note: So Kind of you to remember my 100 birthday)

Thank you so much for remembering her and the caring you gave her in the hospital,

Sincerely, P and J.

Dear Doctor Alex,
You are the better than ibuprofen or Tylenol, My left knee pain is almost gone. I have been able to go downstairs with less discomfort, Thank you so much for your help.