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When people enter a recovery stage, they usually think of taking medication or counseling sessions. Most don’t think about seeking physical therapies until their medical professional recommends it for them. Keep in mind that restoring your body functions is a relatively long process. You not only need medicines to recover from a chronic disease or disorder, but also post-surgical rehab.

Chaux Physical Therapy Agoura Hills, CA is one of the best places to seek help to win your battle of surgical rehab. The private out-patient clinic founded by Dr. Alexandra Chaux dedicated to offering leading physical therapy services in Agoura Hills, California and committed to giving all its patients the highest quality of care. The renowned physical therapy center excels at offering post-surgical rehab. It works with only qualified medical professionals to help you treat joint stiffness and pain associated with postural stress, arthritis, or any traumatic injury.

Agoura Hills Physical Therapy Expert Dr. Alexandra Chaux

Relearn, Recover and Restore your Body Function

The highly trained therapists know the right manual therapy techniques and are experts in movement analysis. This helps them custom-design a therapy program for individuals to address their needs. The quality services and state-of-the-art equipment set Chaux Physical Therapy Agoura Hills, apart from other out-patient services. Call us directly at (805) 203-9940 or contact us online.

Our Physical Therapy Techniques

Dr. Alexandra Chaux and her team of experts physical therapists Agoura Hills, CA believe in restoring the body functions through customized programs. They take your lifestyles and goals into account to offer a complete recovery and optimize results. Working closely with your doctors, our medical professionals ensure the best care, along with ongoing care.

At Chaux Physical Therapy, we have the best combination of therapeutic exercises, manual therapy techniques, and a set of in-depth instruction for exercise progressions and pain-relieving modalities.

Here is a glimpse of our expertise;

Manual Therapy Agoura Hills, CA

Therapists at Chaux PT specialize in manual physical therapy that works best for many patients to restore body functions. Manual therapy is a form of physical exercise that doesn’t require any machine or device.

Our skilled therapists use their hands to apply pressure on patient’s muscle tissues and manipulate joints. The therapies are extremely effective in reducing back pain, joint dysfunction, muscle spasm, and tension.

 Manual Therapy Physical Therapy Agoura Hills, CA

Therapeutic Exercise Physical Therapy Agoura Hills, CA

Therapeutic Exercise Agoura Hills, CA

Manual therapies are not the only area of expertise of surgeons at Chaux Physical Therapy. They have a skill set to execute the planned physical movement to enable their patients to prevent or remediate impairments of bodily structures and functions. Our therapeutic exercises include agility training, neuromuscular activities, soft tissue stretching, motion, and insurance exercises.

Neuromuscular Re-Education Agoura Hills, CA

For better functional performance, our therapists emphasize incorporating neuromuscular exercises.

These exercises aim to address joint control and movement. Neuromuscular exercises have effects biomechanics, functional performance, and muscle activation patterns.

Re-education in Physical Therapy

Suppose you have undergone surgery or suffered sports injuries. In that case, you must know that the only way you can redevelop “normal” motion with your injured part of the body is to participate in physical therapy sessions. Performing the prescribed set of motions methodically and slowly, you allow your nervous system to map out the motions. Eventually, it improves your movement patterns.

Our out-patient Physical Therapists Agoura Hills help you re-educate your nervous system with the most effective. Neuromuscular reeducation techniques, for example, can help you regain controlled and normal movement patterns. Note that your nervous system controls every function that your body performs. That is why we focus on reeducation in physical therapy. It is a part of Chaux Physical therapy services’ overall recovery regimen.

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 Neuromuscular Re-Education Physical Therapy Agoura Hills, CA

Our Physical Therapy Services:

» Physical Therapist Agoura Hills for Postpartum Recovery

We, at Chaux physical therapy, know that you need to stay healthy and strong when transitioning from fertility into motherhood. That is why we offer physical therapy for your postpartum period. If you have any existing impairments after giving birth, our therapists can help you restore muscle integrity and avert future complications that often stem from pregnancy.

Remember that if you don’t take physical therapy sessions after pregnancy, the complications may lead to pain and dysfunction. Improve your recovery time after baby birth with our services!

» Breast Cancer Therapy Agoura Hills, CA

Did you know physical therapy can play a critical role in recovering after breast cancer surgery?

That is why many surgeons incorporate physical therapy into the breast cancer recovery plan. The therapy involves the central nervous system, legs, arms, and other body parts that regulate body movement.

Whether you have undergone a double mastectomy or lumpectomy, Breast Cancer Therapy in Agoura Hills can help you keep lymphedema and pain at bay. With multiple physical therapy exercises, our therapist can help you restore the motions and reduce the pain that may affect your cancer treatment.

» Physical Therapy Agoura Hills for Post Abdominal Surgery

Chaux physical therapy techniques can help relieve consequent symptoms such as abdominal pain and posture issues resulting from abdominal scar tightness.

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» Assisted Stretching Agoura Hills

Whether you are looking to improve your flexibility to enhance your athletic performance or just want to enjoy a comfortable lifestyle, assisted stretching is the best way forward. Qualified physical therapists in Agoura Hills can help your body reach its mobility limits.

With proprioceptive neuromuscular facilitation (PNF), assisted stretching reduces muscle tightness, increases performance, improves motions, and decreases stress.

» Agoura Hills Physical Therapist for Balance and Fall Prevention

Expert therapists at Chaux physical therapy services tailor fall-prevention programs around the specific needs of each individual. After an initial assessment, the therapists determine the goals and needs of the patient and set up a treatment plan with patient input.

The first phase includes some therapeutic interventions to decrease symptoms. It helps in the designing of a Home Exercise Program (HEP). The balance and fall injuries therapy,

  • Increase independence with daily living
  • Prevent future fall
  • Increase independence and functional mobility
  • Increase safety
  • Decrease fall risk

Learn more about balance and fall prevention service.

» Yoga Therapy Agoura Hills, CA

Yoga therapy in Agoura Hills offers the specific application of unique yogic tools that help in breathwork, postures/exercises, meditation techniques, etc. We aim to address mental, physical, and emotional needs. Yoga therapists in Agoura Hills have in-depth skills to help you with your movements, meditation, and musculoskeletal imbalances.

» Pain Management Agoura Hills, CA

There is no better alternative to medicines than physical therapy when it comes to managing pain. If you have also been curling up with a heating pain, you can opt for physical therapies to ease your body aches. We provide effective pain management therapies in Agoura Hills to reduce all types of neuropathic and musculoskeletal pain such as;

Return to Your Life Goals with our Experienced Physical Therapist Agoura Hills

Our licensed physical therapists in Agoura Hills are skilled and experienced in helping patients to reduce pain significantly. Our effective therapies can decrease the risk of fall so that people can enjoy their life independently.

We are a team of friendly and compassionate therapists who aim at offering effective healing and positive experience. Our goal at Chaux Physical Therapy is to make your life easy, healthy, and pain-free.

Looking for the best physical therapy near me in Agoura Hills?

If you want to benefit from a series of pain and posture management physical therapies, we will help. All you need is to schedule a consultation with Dr. Alexandra or more conveniently, call us at (805)-203-9940, and see the options that suit you the best!

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