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Do you want to restore and maintain your entire range of body motion? Physical therapy (PT) could be the solution you need. Essentially, PT is all about evaluating and treating musculoskeletal issues, which often emanate from age, injuries, diseases, and degenerative conditions (like Parkinson's disease).

For reliable physical therapy services in Hidden Hills, CA, look no further; Chaux Physical Therapy has got you covered. We are a privately-owned PT clinic established and run by a certified and experienced physical therapist in Hidden Hills, CA, Dr. Alexandra Chaux. We have extensive experience in physical therapy techniques and professionals dedicated to helping you lead the quality life you want.

At Chaux PT, we pride ourselves on offering a unique blend of expertise and state-of-the-art technology. You get an ideal environment for preventing injury, regaining and maintaining motion, and enhancing general physical and mental health.

To schedule an appointment with Dr. Alexandra Chaux now, please call 805-203-9940 or complete our online form. Else, read on for more information about our physical therapy services in Hidden Hills, CA.

Hidden Hills Physical Therapy Expert Dr. Alexandra Chaux

Full-Service Physical Therapy Techniques

Manual Therapy

With Dr. Alexandra Chaux's manual therapy techniques, you can overcome pain and inflammation without taking painkillers. We treat your pain and its root cause, so you enjoy life as you desire.

To meet the specific needs of our clients, we customize our techniques to the primary stages of healing, namely, inflammation, repair, and remodeling. This approach helps accelerate wound healing, improve oxygen and nutrient supply to the scar area, and prevent scar tissue development.

 Manual Therapy Physical Therapy Hidden Hills, CA
Therapeutic Exercise Physical Therapy Hidden Hills, CA

Therapeutic Exercise

Imagine yourself regaining and maintaining your stability, strength, balance, and flexibility. If that is what you desire, Chaux PT’s therapeutic exercise can deliver the results you want. You improve your movement, strength, and flexibility and regain full body function.

Our therapeutic exercises are unique to specific healing stages and physical conditions, effectively catering to the diverse needs of patients. Call 805-203-9940 now to start leading a pain-free life with physical therapy in Hidden Hills, CA.

Neuromuscular Re-Education

Do you ever wonder how your body produces movements in the right direction? It is the work of the neuromuscular system. A compromise to this system causes unexplained falls, as well as gait and balance issues.

Dr. Alexandra Chaux has extensive experience with neuromuscular techniques designed to rewire the brain and retrain the muscles. The maneuvers help to restore and improve standard body movements.

 Neuromuscular Re-Education Physical Therapy Hidden Hills, CA

Dr. Alexandra Chaux's Physical Therapy Services in Hidden Hills, CA

As a highly trained and experienced physical therapist in Hidden Hills, CA, Dr. Alexandra Chaux offers plenty of PT services, including:

» Postpartum Physical Therapy Hidden Hills CA

Childbirth often contributes to physical and hormonal changes. But when left unattended, these changes cause lower back pain, muscle imbalance, spine issues, and other bone and muscle conditions. If you are a new mom, Dr. Alexandra Chaux can help you prevent the mentioned issues and lead a quality postpartum life.

Worried about involuntary leakage of urine (urinary incontinence) or prolapse (stretching and weakening of pelvic floor muscles) following childbirth? Dr. Alexandra Chaux can harness the power of the Abdominal Hypopressive Gymnastics technique to help you get ahead of these symptoms using.

Also included in our postpartum recovery program are lessons that help new moms perform their day-to-day activities with the correct posture.

» Physical Therapy for Breast Cancer Treatment

At Chaux PT, we know that cancer treatments can be troublesome and often cause several side effects, including hand and feet numbness, joint stiffness, mood changes, poor balance, and general body weakness. Our physical therapy services in Hidden Hills, CA, can help those undergoing breast cancer treatment relieve these side effects.

It does not matter whether you need help recovering from surgery or beating chemotherapy and radiotherapy effects. Rest easy knowing that Dr. Alexandra Chaux has the knowledge and experience to address your pre-surgery and post-surgery concerns.

Our holistic management of cancer-related side effects provides manual and breathing exercises that help reduce anxiety, stress, and depression in breast cancer patients.

» Physical Therapy for Post Abdominal Surgery

You can effectively relieve post-abdominal surgery discomfort and posture issues by enlisting the help of a top-rated physical therapist in Hidden Hills, CA.

At least 18% of cesarean sections in the US cause chronic pain, lower back pain, painful bowel movements, and menstrual pain. Dr. Alexandra Chaux can help new moms relieve such symptoms using tested and proven techniques like trigger point release, myofascial release, and visceral mobilization.

» Assisted Stretching in Hidden Hills, CA

Too much muscle tension can result in several problems, including posture and balance issues, post-workout discomfort, hand numbness, and body stiffness. Chaux PT’s assisted stretching and global postural stretching techniques can help release body tension and enhance stability.

Whereas assisted stretching focuses on an individual body part, global postural stretching helps restore movement and comfort to the entire body.

» Physical Therapy Hidden Hills CA for Balance and Falls

An issue with the visual, auditory, or proprioceptive can cause imbalance. In comparison, unsteady gait, age, visual impairments, or cognitive impairments often cause falls.

Whether you are struggling with balance issues or falls, has the experience needed to quicken your recovery from these issues.

» Hidden Hills Physical Therapy for Pain Management

Approximately 40 million American adults suffer from chronic pain. And whereas most of these individuals rely on painkillers, these medications often do not offer a long-term solution to pain. What's more, they also come with side effects such as depression, anxiety, and drug dependency.

At Chaux PT, we offer plenty of physical therapy techniques designed to help our clients alleviate discomfort without pain medication. We can help you too! Contact us today!

» Yoga Therapy in Hidden Hills, CA

Yoga is a vital part of physical therapy in Hidden Hills. It helps improve your physical and mental health by improving your posture and relaxing your body.

Chaux Physical Therapy offers yoga programs designed for all levels and customized to individual requirements. Book our yoga classes today for lasting wellness.

Return to your Life Goals with the Experienced and Knowledgeable Physical Therapist Hidden Hills, CA.

The ultimate goal of our physical therapy services in Hidden Hills is to help our customers gain the optimal wellbeing they need to achieve their life goals. You certainly can trust the testimonials of hundreds of patients we have helped restore their physical, emotional, and mental health.

Do you have a condition that causes discomfort? Do your muscles ache constantly? Are you recovering from surgery or injury? Whichever your case may be, our physical therapy services in Hidden Hills are designed to help improve your health and wellbeing. Get in touch with us now: 805-203-9940.

Contact Chaux PT today at 805-203-9940 for physical therapy services tailored to your overall health and wellbeing.

FAQ: Physical Therapy

» Who is a Physical Therapist?

A physical therapist assesses and treats body disorders in people of all ages and at different life stages, primarily by physical techniques. They may help manage issues with your:

  • » Musculoskeletal system (muscles and bones)
  • » Cardiopulmonary system (heart and lungs), and
  • » Neurological systems (brains)

» Physical Therapy Vs. Occupational Therapy? What’s the Difference?

Physical therapy focuses on the entire body, from the arms and legs to the inner ear and vision.

In comparison, Occupational Therapy (OT) specializes in treating upper extremities (shoulder, upper arm, elbow, forearm, wrist, and hand) and work injuries. OT services include adaptive techniques, joint range of motion, and workplace assessments.

» What Should I Expect in My First PT Visit?

During your first visit, a physical therapist performs a comprehensive initial assessment. This includes discussing your medical history, current problems, and your physical therapy goals.

Also, expect plenty of tests, from muscle tests, postural assessment to neurological screening. Your physical therapist then formulates a custom treatment plan based on the information they obtain from the initial evaluation.

» What Should I Wear?

We require you to wear comfortable, loose-fitting clothing when attending your PT sessions so you can expose the problem area easily. For instance, if you are looking for knee treatment, it is best to wear shorts when visiting our PT office.

» How Many PT Sessions Will I Require?

The number of PT sessions required varies substantially, depending on various considerations, including the diagnosis and complexity of the impairment. While you may recover after one PT session, another patient may require months of care.

» Does Medicare Cover Physical Therapy?

Yes, Medicare Part B (Medical Insurance) covers 80% of allowable charges for medically necessary physical therapy services a doctor prescribes to treat a particular condition. Read more about Medicare physical therapy coverage.

Chaux PT accepts Medicare and most insurance carriers. Contact us with your insurance details to verify your coverage.

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The city and gated community of Hidden Hills, CA, lies next to the city of Calabasas in the Santa Monica Mountains areas of LA County. It has a 2021 population of about 1890 and is a neighborhood several celebrities call home. Once a pastoral retreat of the San Fernando Valley, Hidden Hills offers a rural feel and a lot of privacy, making it an excellent alternative to a congested metropolis.

Dr. Alexandra Chaux has helped hundreds of patients in Hidden Hills, CA, lead healthier, more flexible, and happier lives using various physical therapy techniques.

You, too, can get the help you want! To learn more about our physical therapy services in Hidden Hills, CA, or book an appointment with Dr. Alexandra Chaux, call 805-203-9940 or fill this online form.

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