Physical therapy plays an essential role in the recovery of seniors to help them improve mobility, recover from injury, manage pain, fall prevention and improve quality of life.

Aging is a normal process of life. It involves physical and cognitive changes that can affect the way a person gets up from a chair, negotiate steps, the ability to walk, get up from kneeling or from the floor. The most important goal for the aging population is to maintain independence, and move with freedom for the longest possible.

Dr. Chaux focuses on treating the whole person and not just the area that hurts, to improve strength, flexibility, balance and endurance necessary to prevent falls and reduce the risk of injury.  

Physical Therapy for Seniors

Conditions treated by Physical Therapy for Seniors

  • Arthritis
  • Cancer
  • Osteoporosis
  • Joint Replacement
  • Balance Issues

How can Physical Therapy for Seniors help?

  • Physical therapy can reduce the pain without the use of medication and without surgery.
  • Improves mobility and corrects muscle imbalance that affect posture and contribute to stiffness.
  • Enhances Standing balance on even or uneven surfaces for fall prevention.
  • Improves daily function according to patients needs, goals and expectations
  • Provides education for fall prevention.
  • Improves strength and flexibility to move easier and efficiently.
  • Maintains an independent lifestyle.