Post-partum Recovery
Are you dealing with back pain? Are you peeing your pants when you sneeze or laugh? Tummy still bulging out?
Breast Cancer Therapy
Are you having difficulty and pain moving your arms? Feeling weak? Hard to sleep comfortably?
Post-abdominal Surgery
Is it painful when you move? Feeling tight? Movement restricted and stiff?
Assisted Stretching
Is your body stiff? Have numbness or tingling in your feet and hands? Hard to walk after sitting?
Balance and Fall Prevention
Feeling stiff, unsteady, awkward? Want to feel more balanced, grounded and relaxed?
Yoga Therapy
Want a program to reduce anxiety? Build your Immune system? Minimize stress?
Pain Management
More than 100 million Americans suffer from chronic pain each year.
Hypopressives is an innovative technique of mind-body connection that focus on healing the core and pelvic floor from inside-out.
Post-COVID Recovery
Come Back Stronger with Post-COVID Recovery. Chaux Physical Therapy is now offering a Post-Covid Recovery Program.
Physical Therapy for Seniors
Physical therapy plays an essential role in the recovery of seniors to help them improve mobility, recover from injury, manage pain, fall prevention and improve quality of life.